Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Report Summary

This last entry  is about chapter summary. The summary of each chapter are stated as  below. I was given this task to summarize the overall content each chapter,


1.6.1 Introduction
Discusses the client’s problems and a bit about the background of the company.

1.6.2 Investigation
This system uses a comparison between the existing system and the phase will be built and research between the system and other database system.

1.6.3 Analysis
Determine the system development process and requirement analysis such as hardware, software and scripting language requirement

1.6.4 Design
This chapter tells about database design and interface design.

1.6.5  Implementation
In this phase, the production system is installed, initial user training is completed, user documentation is delivered, and the post implementation review meeting is held.

1.6.6 Testing
Identify the end of development phase of the project and establishes the criteria for project acceptance.

1.6.7 Project Management
This phase will cover the planning, controlling and making decisions  phase about projects to successful complete the project.

1.6.8 Conclusion

Concluded here that every detail of the problems that have set is consistent and logical with the objectives and goals prescribed. Order management necessarily requires a photography package efficient system not only to handle database system, buta lso wise to record and customer data.

This task makes me aware on how to summarize content in each chapter to represent a summary of each chapter,

Third Task Of MIne : Questionaire

I was given a task to create a questionnaire  and distribute the questionnaire to people. Questionaire was conducted in KPTM KL.  Respondent are students with age range between 22 to 25 years old. This questionaire has involved 11 female students and 9 male students.

Figure below shows  the questionnaire sample.

So from the questionnaire, the feedback of respondent are stated as below.

ü  From questionaire 95% of respondents agree that someone who had a small business to have a database system to keep their customer data.

ü  The majority of respondents  agree data will be safer by recording it in database system.

ü  85% of the respondents agree that customer databse system will facilitate admin to manage customer booking details.

ü  Database system minimizes the human interaction with the system and limits the possibility of error. 16/20 people agree with this statement.

ü  Overall, respondents know the acronym of DBMS which is Database Management System